Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maybe It's Not a Neurological Disorder, Maybe Your Kid's a Douche

This may well be the best poster I've ever seen on the NJ Transit train on the way to work.

It's an ad for an advocacy group for people with Tourette's Syndrome. The text says: "Maybe he can't just 'stop it.' Maybe it's a neurological disorder."

But what amuses me is the look on the kid's face.

Mom's chastising him, but clearly he's not taking the scolding in the spirit in which it's intended.

He's mocking her.


In fact, he's about an eighth of a second away from busting out laughing in her face.

Which means he's probably about a quarter of a second away from getting five across the eyes.

But it's worth it just to see that vein pop out on mom's forehead.

Till next we meet ...

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