Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Caveman Playlist

So I need some suggestions. I've been compulsively listening to "Grounds for Divorce" by Elbow.




I require your fattest beats.

So I'd like to put together a playlist of similarly awesome songs: i.e. fuzzy, scuzzy, fat-bottomed, throaty, kick-ass, aggressive, propulsive songs. The kind of songs you could stomp around a bonfire to.

Essentially I'm looking to put together a Caveman Playlist.

Your fattest beats. Now, please.

Since I'm not a huge fan of trebble, the deeper and thumpier the rhythm and bass lines, the better. Essentially I'm looking for music that will kick me square in the chest and keep my ribs rattling. I wanna FEEL this playlist in my guts.

Genre isn't an issue. Songs can be soundtrack cuts or instrumental pieces. Doesn't matter. Any genre, really. My mind is open. (Note: Tom Waits will be well represented on this playlist.)

My only requirement is kick-assity.

So hit me, baby!

Any suggestions? Anybody?


Till next we meet ...

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