Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ah, Saturday ... How About An Unwinnable Quest?

Hello, Saturday! I've missed you!

The sweet, sweet aroma of indolence and sloth fills the nostrils.

Surely all is glorious in the world.

But maybe I should consider doing something a bit more ambitious than lazing on the couch, soaking up conditioned air and napping through an unending stream of Forensics Files episodes.

I know, I know. That seems like crazy talk. But it's worth making an effort to at least appear virtuous. Right?

But I can't really think of anything I NEED to do just now ...



The lawn.


All right, fine. I'll mow the damn lawn.

Let's see. I think I've got a thing around here you can use for that ... what's it called ...?

Lawnmower! Right.

Let me just yank the cord and--


Hmm. Maybe I have another tool I could use for this ...

Too slow.

Any other choices?

Too labor-intensive.


I don't even know what that means.

What else you got?

Not really practical.

Damn. I guess that means I'm headed to that place where weekends go to die ...

And guess what ... they don't have the part. Not only that, I checked a second Home Depot in my area and they didn't have it either.

Welcome to Sucktown, NJ. Population: Home Depot.

Lowe's to the rescue!



What do you mean I have to take the mower apart and install it now?


What do you mean it's too dark out to do anything now?



Can't wait for tomorrow. When I will feed Sunday to the lawn as well.

Till next we meet ...

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