Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Stay Classy, New Jersey

So I got this postcard in the mail recently. It's an ad for a local limo company.

Now, first off, let me just say that I'm well aware that I live in New Jersey. And secondly, let me point out that I'm also well aware that Jersey has never been seen as the repository of what you'd call ... oh, let's say ... "good taste."

(Though to be fair, Jersey might be in a flat-footed tie with Long Island for that particular honor. But until LI has an MTV reality show that can rival Jersey Shore in terms of sheer class and decorum ... well, I'm going to have to give my adopted home state the edge here.)

So anyhow, I get it.

But you never quite expect it to show up in your mailbox.


And what could be better than a stretch limo?

A stretch, HUMMER limo, of course!


And what could possibly be better than a stretch, Hummer limo?

A PINK, stretch Hummer limo!


Nothing says "classy night on the town with the girls" quite like it.

But what's even more classy than that?

Check out the stamp.


One of the many things they're directly murdering with their pink, stretch, Hummer limos. Which, by the way, run on baby polar bear blood. It's Science.

Nice work, Jersey.

You stay classy.

Till next we meet ...

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