Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure That's Not How You Play The Saxophone.

I'm the first person to admit that I have only the barest, most rudimentary understanding of music. Even though my dad was a professional drummer for many, many years, some things just manage to skip a generation.

And when it comes to the nitty-gritty of composition or performance, it's even worse. I'm a dilettante of the lowest order.

So it's somewhat telling that even I noticed something was clearly amiss when I happened upon this poster on the train platform.

Don't see what I mean? Have a closer look:

Sure, I may not have been in marching band in high school and I may not own season tickets to the New York Philharmonic Orchestra ... but I think I can tell the difference between playing an instrument and pleasuring it sexually.

I've never visited Rahway or its Arts District. So I don't know if sensuously fellating jazz instruments is the sort of thing people do on the street there.

But I do know this.

This Halloween, I'm trick-or-treating in Rahway.

Dressed as a saxophone.

Just in case.

Till next we meet ...


  1. Well hot damn! Its Mr Underbelly. I never thought you were an asshole, though perhaps a bit dented. Then again, I've been to Ogdensburg so it all sorta made sense, though even without seeing your home town your uniqueness was pretty evident. Displaying cavemen and calling it a family portrait was only the first clue.
    How's Dibs? Hopefully in someone else's care...
    Gee, I hope you read your comments. I seem to be the only one. ;) L

  2. L,

    Well, howdeedoo! LOOONG time, no speak!
    That's quite a memory you've got there. Yeah. Feel free to forget as many of those details as you'd like. I would not be offended.
    Hope you're well!
    (Feel free to drop an e-mail address in another comment post. Promise not to publish!)