Saturday, July 18, 2009

Love Democracy? Then You Should Vote For Me.

Seriously. You should vote for me.

Because it will make you feel good. Like virtuous good. Like when you come home from the gym. Or when you give your change to the Girl Scout panhandling outside the Pathmark.

Click this:

Plus, if enough people vote, I'll get something cool for free. Which I like.

Mine are videos #1 and #2. But please vote for #1 so we don't split our vote.

So vote. That is, if you really love Democracy. Or America.

Should you not care to vote, or if you just hate America, here they are for your perusal anyhow. Communist.

Here's Video #1:

And here's Video #2:

Now get to voting!

Oh, and in case you're a producer or director-type. Dad here is played by Richard Waddingham and the Son is played by Greg Barkhamer.

Hire them!

Till next we meet ....

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