Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh, How I Miss The Salad Days Of Last Week!


Remember just a couple days ago when I thought it was high-larious that I received a royalty check for the comically paltry sum of $3.88?


Those were the days, huh? I sure do miss last week. Yessiree.

Sure was funny though, right?

You bet!


Then I discovered this morning that it was only because I deposited that comically paltry check that I was rescued from complete and utter financial ruin.

My current net worth.

Now I can't even afford a barrel and suspenders to wear.


Incidentally, the asterisks lead to a footnote that goes on to explain in excruciating detail how I'm quite dumb.

And poorly dressed.

Also fat.

Had it coming, I suppose.

Till next we meet ...

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