Friday, May 21, 2010

Stick Babies In Peril!

Stick Babies. You can't take them anywhere. They're ALWAYS getting into some manner of mischief or other.

But what manner of mischief, you ask?


Stick Babies wreck everything that's fun. You just can't have cool stuff around because a Stick Baby will always find a way to imperil themselves.

For instance ... you can forget about giving your shiny, brightly-colored baubles and beads a well-deserved sulfuric acid bath in an uncapped five-gallon bucket on the living room floor!

You just TRY keeping a Stick Baby out of an acid bucket! Yeah, good luck with that, pal!

They won't stop! Even AFTER they've melted their pudgy, little fingers to pudgy, little stumps! They just won't stop until ALL your fun has been dissolved into a frothy, gore-streaked slurry of passive aggression!

And don't even get me started about your collection of giant, randomly explosive, white blood cells!

You think you're having some fun, and the next thing you know, here comes a Stick Baby and ... BLAM!

We can't have nice things.

Till next we meet ...

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